The Cafe



The Cafe on State Street in Montpelier serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has an exhibition space for the area’s talented artists. The Cafe features our own Capitol Grounds fresh roasted coffee, a wide variety of teas, pastries, and sandwiches.
Since 1998 we have provided a place for both locals and visitors to pause, relax, and experience the character and appeal of the city. Montpelier is the nation’s smallest capital city, a place of simple charm and beauty that residents cherish for its strong sense of community. One will find here a refreshing pace with an abundance of cultural events that rival larger population centers, providing residents with a unique quality of life in one of the most scenic areas of the country.


september CALENdar:



“After her song was over, there wasn’t a dry eye. She pulled me into the lyrics; I felt as though I lost my best friend. On another night, she will energize the crowd with sing-along lyrics everyone knows.”

The lady’s name is Abby Jenne. Anyone who has seen her lately will agree that, when the night is all over, you’ve had the chance to watch a “star” in the making. When singing her own lyrics, she has an innocence that you may mistake for a weakness in her character. But she soon dismisses that notion by breaking into a full-fledged redneck version of any song you’ve heard. And then Abby will turn you around by singing in Aretha Franklin’s style, with as much soul as any great Motown artist. But it doesn’t end there. At the end of the night, Abby’s version of Janis Joplin comes shining through with all the power those songs were meant to have.



Jazz and more, Chromatic Harmonica and Guitar, performing everything from Thelonius Monk to Tom Waits



The following people have willingly agreed to perform with me at Capitol Grounds Cafe on Thursday, September 18th at 7pm. The audience had fun last month and I think it might happen again. These shows occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month, different lineup each month, except for me, I’ll always be there. $5 and some adult material. Also, some childish material that’s not suitable for actual children.



Ben Roy writes songs, most of them boil down to being about girls. Most of them are essentially rock songs. Come check out the sweet sound of Ben and his guitar.


Regular Cafe Hours:

Monday-Thursday  6:15am – 6pm

Friday  6:15am – 7pm (ti’l 9 with entertainment)

Saturday  7am – 7pm (ti’l 9 with entertainment)

Sunday  8am – 6pm

Now Pouring:

Fiddlehead IPA $5.50

Peak Organic Ginger Saison $5.50

Red Dwarf American Amber Ale $5.50

Citizen’s Cider $7

Line39 Pinot Noir $7

Casa de Campo Malbec $7

the Seeker Rose $7

Fernland’s Sauvignon Blanc $7

Clos le Chance Chardonnay $7